Yes, I would like to support the Zilberman Torah learning institutions in the Old City of Jerusalem, including the Old City Cheder. I understand that my contribution is tax-deductible, Tax Exempt No. 20-4401435.   If you have questions, please write to (If you would like to donate stocks, please see the instructions below.)

Yeshiva Donations

[Please write to if you receive an incorrect auto-confirmation email.]

You can mail in your contribution: Donations can also be made by sending a check to American Friends of the Old City Cheder in Jerusalem, Inc., PO Box 3308 Allentown, PA 18106.

You can also make a direct deposit: If sending the contribution by wire:

Bank Name: Fulton Bank NA
SWIFT Code for Fulton Bank: FLBKUS33
Routing Transit Number: 031301422
Bank Address, City & State: Fulton Bank NA
One Penn Square,
Lancaster, PA 17602
Beneficiary Account Number: Please send an inquiry to to obtain the account number
Beneficiary Name: American Friends of the Old City Cheder in Jerusalem
Beneficiary Address: PO Box 3328, Allentown, PA 18106



The Torah Scholar Loan Fund provides short-term loans to Torah scholars in the Old City of Jerusalem.  The Chofetz Chaim was once asked what is the best way to enhance one’s income. His response was to contribute to a loan fund.



Transferring stocks to the American Friends of the Old City Cheder Brokerage Account:

The Fidelity Depository Trust Company (DTC) number is 0226

American Friends of the Old City Cheder in Jerusalem

Account number: Z40286196

Other Organizations